grace on June 1st, 2009

My hubby and I went to Quiapo today to get my own Kitchen Aid. We were able to purchase a 5-Quart Kitchen Aid for Php19.8K. We purchased ours from Nazareno’s. This store is also located in Carlos Palanca Sr. St. near old SM Manila. You can find a row of suppliers on this street. From Nazareno’s to New Sin Kian Heng. We also went to Killion Merchandising but we were not able to buy anything there because it has the same price or small difference as where I’m getting my supplies. Killion is just behind Carlos Palanca Sr. St. If you will not notice the sign pointing to Killion, you won’t even recognize the place not unless you’re a local in Manila.

I wished for a new mixer because I’m too tired of using my hand mixer. Since I have a lot of orders for cakes, I told my hubby that it’s a good investment if ever we will push through with the business. Baking is a lot easier with my new Kitchen Aid! 🙂

Here’s a pic:

kitchenaid 5 quarts

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9 Responses to “My new Kitchen Aid!”

  1. dream ko rin magka KA. My husband told me na mura nga daw sa Quiapo. We’ll check that store pag napadaan kami dun 🙂

  2. Hi, i’m also interested in buying a kitchen aid mixer, do you have the contact number of the store where you bought the mixer? I want to inquire if they have 6 quart capacity. I also want to ask you, is the 5 quart you bought heavy duty? thank you.

  3. Hi Natalie!

    Please check my post regarding Baking Suppliers. You can call Friend Ann Merchandising for the Kitchen Aid.

  4. would you know where i can bring my broken kitchenaid mixer? its 110V and Phase control is the one broken. Thanks

  5. Hi there!!! I know it’s late for me to congratulate you for your new KITCHEN AID MIXER…that’s awesome. Your new mixer will go a long, long way but dont try to use it for bread dough like ensaimada since it will shorten the life of your brand new mixer although it’s been advertised as sturdy and iconic. I’m cake mixer addict if i may say, i have sunbeam mixmaster (which I unfortunely plugged to 220V due to lack of sleep from a Xmas storm baking and you know what happened next), 2 kitchenaid 5Q-lifts and Kenwood 5Q stand mixer. Im fascinated also with the Viking stand mixer which im pondering to purchase soon. You should also invest on big commercial oven (8 planchas) and extra mixer bowls to accommodate a lot of simultaneous mixing and baking. By the way, i’m a long time weekend-home-baker since 1995. I have supplied cakes and pastries to a lot of notable coffee shops around Metro Manila. I also taught few baking classes in my home kitchen. But for now, I have to enjoy good life a little bit and resume my baking endeavor once i decided to give up my corporate life. happy baking.

  6. hi there! would like to ask if you have the phone number for nazareno’s general merchandise? they actually gave me a calling card which i forgot in my pocket and was soaked when i had my jeans washed… thanks… 🙂

  7. my mother always buys the best kitchen aids that she can find on the market “

  8. kitchen aids have a variety of different appliances that can help you cook your food easier .;~

  9. Hi there. Do you know where to have a kitchen aid mixer 110 volts repaired?have inquired at foodmach but the rate is steep. Tnx!

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